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A Few Recent Testimonials From Upstate NY

“We live on a windy mountaintop, with wonderful views of the Catskills to the west. We have two picture windows in the kitchen, each one about 8 by 4 feet. When the temperature got into the teens and below, which happens several weeks each winter, we had to use the oven and run electric space heaters in order to keep the kitchen warm. Our friends gave us two window inserts for the kitchen, called Advanced Energy Panels, and we haven’t needed to use the oven or space heaters to heat the kitchen ever since. The kitchen is now snug, even in the most inhospitable winter nights.”

– Kathleen Muldoon, NY

“I did a total renovation on my house in 2008, with new exterior wall insulation throughout the building envelope and new double-pane, double-hung windows (standard cost and quality for new construction.) Even with the new windows, there was a significant chill in the winter due to radiant heat losses at the windows, making some spaces quite uncomfortable when the temps dipped to 10 degrees and below. We were burning 3 cord of wood per winter in a 1,500 SF house, and the propane boiler kept the radiant floor heating system running all winter. One fall, I started building custom window inserts to insulate our new windows. That’s when I ran into Jim Devine and AEP at a trade show. The rest is history: We bought two panels for our bedroom, one right above the headboard on the north side of the house. Until we installed Advanced Energy Panels, it was impossible to sleep in that room in the winter. Now we don’t even realize there’s a window there.

So then I installed AEPs in every window in the house. We now burn only 2 cord of wood each winter, and use propane only for freeze protection downstairs, domestic hot water and cooking.”

– Lonnie Coplen, Cragsmoor, NY

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