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Testimonial: Homeowner Energy Savings, Noise Reduction Though Window Panels

Dear AEP,

Today we welcomed Spring into the house by removing the Advanced Energy Panel that had been installed in our front picture window last October, and opening the windows to let some fresh air in.  In doing so, I felt that it would be a good time to share our experience with the AEP system over the past winter.

In winters past, the large window in our living room always was a source of draft and cold.  On those cold nights, you could literally feel the frigid air seeping into the room.  This is the same room in which the thermostat is located, so the heat loss created by this window caused the furnace to switch on all the time.

In October of last year, I installed the AEP over the front window in the hope of eliminating the problem. The installation was quick and easy – the panels fit right inside the existing window box.

Immediately I noticed a drop in noise level from the outside.

What was most impressive was the comfort that the AEP created for the living space.  I could stand next to the window and not feel a creeping chill.  The un-insulated window would always frost up around the base; with the AEP, the frost issue was eliminated.  As we all experienced, this past winter seemed colder and longer than many in recent memory.  The AEP made a huge difference in the comfort level of the entire home.  The heat was much more balanced in the house; there were not hot and cold spots as before the AEP installation.  The furnace off-time was much longer than in previous winters.  Visibility through the actually window improved, as there was absolutely no frost or condensation!

In summary, the AEP system was the simplest yet most effective energy improvement we have made to the house to date.  It provided immediate results and daily energy savings.  This product is so effective that it should be a top priority for any home or building with non-thermal windows.  Thank you and your staff for creating such an ingenious product – one that has reduced our energy requirements, our overall carbon footprint, and delivers a rapid return on the investment cost.

David De Lozier

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