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Testimonial: 135 Year Old Government Building Showing Immediate Savings

This unsolicited testimonial came from the then-mayor of Cohoes, NY, about how pleased he was with the panels we installed on their very old, historic, and yet drafty city hall.  He is now a New York Assemblyman.

window insulation panels for government buildingCohoes City Hall was established 135 years ago. It is beautiful, but when you deal with the day-to-days issues, it is a nightmare. When I took over in 2000, I thought I had a ghost in my office because even with the windows closed and no wind, I would see the blinds drifting back and forth.

To put some kind of window energy efficiency in a historic building like this would cost $300,000 to $400,000. A lot of taxpayers would think that was crazy.

We put in cellular shades and they definitely helped, but more importantly, we added Windo-Therm’s window insulating panels and they made a dramatic positive impact for the city with regard to reducing future energy costs. They provide a warm climate in the winter and a comfortable climate during the summer. That has always been a challenge.

From the outside you can’t tell the difference and inside they fit in perfectly. They look like they were part of the original intent of the building.

Before I put the window-insulating panels in city hall, I brought the Cohoes historic preservation people in and showed them test panels in place. They liked them. They thought they looked good.


Cohoes, NY City Hall

Anytime I can provide for future savings that will pay for itself in 2, 3, or 4 years, it is definitely my responsibility to do so. It’s a good use of taxpayers’ money, which is important. The Windo-Therm panels were installed [three years ago]. We have projected a payback in four years and we are on track. If we had continued the way we were, it would still be cold, and it still would be a nightmare. I think Windo-Therm’s window insulating panels are a sensible fit in a building that has a significant historical component to it.

John McDonald, Mayor, Cohoes, NY

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