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Stack and Store Option

Stack and Store Option

Multiple Panels Give Flexible Storage and Fresh Air Options.

An Advanced Energy Panel can be built to cover a window of any size.  Because of its light weight, it can easily be removed for storage.  

But if you have a really tall or wide window, the large size a bit awkward to handle.  Fortunately, we have an easy solution.


As you may have seen in the How to Measure page, we can easily join sections together using an H-Channel (shown at left).  It is the full width and snugly joins the two panels, yet allows one or the other to be moved with little resistance.

Stack & Store Option

The Stack & Store option is a package of special Twist Clips that provide an easy way to let in fresh air on mild days.  

The removed panel could be set aside or placed in a box, but with Stack & Store Twist Clips you can store the removed panel on the remaining one.  The levers consist of a long screw with a twist clip that is “flat” (no little fin that sticks up), plus a conventional lever stacked on top of it.  The flat one holds the upper Advanced Energy Panel; the regular one holds the removed lower panel.

STORE the removed panel by STACKING it on the remaining panel. These special Thumb Twist Levers make it possible.

Think of this as a two story garage. Here it is, empty.
Here it is with one car (the upper Advanced Energy Panel) parked in the regular location.
And here it is with the removed panel stacked on top of it. Both levers can easily be turned by hand.

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