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Satisfied Customers – Window Insulation


The people who use Advanced Energy Panels come from every walk of life and are located across the United States. Many started their experience with us by ordering panels for one floor of their homes or buildings, and every one who’s done that has ended up coming back to order more.

We’re so very pleased to know we’re helping all of our our customers save money, go green and be comfortable. Contact us and we’ll do the same for you.

Types of Installations:

Government Buildings
Home Owners & Renters
Historical Buildings
Business & Multi-Family

Government Buildings

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff in providing Amsterdam City Hall employees and constituents with such a warm environment in which to do business.

The quality of the insulated panels are resilient, durable and outstanding. The proof is in the savings, time, energy and oh yes – the money! This historical building can once again enjoy its integrity with the clean crisp look of each and every panel being perfectly fit.”

James Crisalli, Maintenance Dept.
City of Amsterdam, NY

“Cohoes City Hall was established 135 years ago. It is a beautiful building, but when you deal with the day-to-days issues, it is a nightmare. When I took over in 2000, I thought I had a ghost in my office because even with the windows closed and no wind, I would see the blinds drifting back and forth. To put some kind of window energy efficiency in a historic building like this would cost $300,000 to $400,000. A lot of taxpayers would think that was crazy.. . . We put in cellular shades and they definitely helped, but more importantly, we added Windo-Therm’s window insulating panels and they made a dramatic positive impact for the city with regard to reducing future energy costs.

They provide a warm climate in the winter and a comfortable climate during the summer. From the outside you can’t tell the difference and inside they fit in perfectly. They look like they were part of the original intent of the building. Before I put the window-insulating panels in city hall, I brought the Cohoes historic preservation people in and showed them test panels in place. They liked them. They thought they looked good. Anytime I can provide for future savings that will pay for itself in 2, 3, or 4 years it is definitely my responsibility to do so.

It’s a good use of taxpayers’ money, which is important. The Windo-Therm panels were installed in 2002. We have projected a payback in four years and we are on track. If we had continued the way we were, it would still be cold, and it still would be a nightmare. I think Windo-Therm’s window insulating panels are a sensible fit in a building that has a significant historical component to it.

John McDonald, Mayor
Cohoes, NY

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Home Owners and Renters

“Advanced Energy Panels kept our porch so warm that we were able to sit out in nicer weather and play cards; we could actually see through as if it were glass. You have turned a doubter into a believer.”

Joan Gross, Kinderhook Lake, NY

“Your indoor windows are amazing! They’ve eliminated the drafts from the windows in my old house and made these spaces far more comfortable than I thought possible. My family is very grateful to you. I also love their features – very affordable, absolutely clear view, removable if desired, and incredibly strong. I’m really impressed and satisfied with the Advanced Energy Panel product.”

Anne Rua, Troy, NY

These windows are the most cost effective solution I have ever seen. After I received the kits, I assembled them at my own pace down in my garage. They went together very easily and were actually kind of fun to build. The instructions were clear and correct, not something we always see any more these days. Since we were very careful to measure my windows in advance of ordering, the windows were a perfect fit.

David Kasperek, Pittsburgh, PA

“As you know I have just finished refurbishing a large Victorian residential home in the heart of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Your insulating panels have solved my problem of cold drafty windows and lowered my energy bills. My living spaces are far more comfortable and enjoyable now. The best part is that the job was completed in just one day. No muss no fuss. Just like having new windows – maybe better – and at a fraction of the cost. I have been involved in the housing market for 23 years. I am excited to have found this unique product that fills an essential need. I would highly recommend Windo-Therm panels as an option for homeowners before contemplating a more expensive window replacement.”

John L. McLean, Broker
McLean Realtors
Lenox, MA

“I just want you to know how pleased I am with your Windo-Therm panels that I recently installed. I have a English Tudor-style home with all-steel, single-pane casement windows (open outward) which are very inefficient and costly in cold weather. This was especially true with the four corner windows (eight windows) that are distinctive to the authentic Tudor style, and cannot be replaced with vinyl or wood replacement windows without compromising the design.

After years of having to tolerate the cold rooms, it was the sharp increase in the price of heating gas this season that finally led to me search for a permanent solution. Windo-Therm provided the best and only solution. To test your product I ordered two panels to see if they could make a difference in one of the coldest bedrooms with a corner window. They fitted perfectly, as per your measuring instructions. In fact, the panels were made so precisely that the two windows aligned and fit so well at right angles as to eliminate the need for any insulation on the side where they met, while the top and sides were secured with the simple clip and foam insulation provided. The bottom of the windows then rested securely on the bottom strip of foam insulation.

The panels proved to be virtually leak-proof and thus turned a very cold room into a pleasant, warm living space with a notable reduction in heating cost, as best I could determine. Although I plan to sell the house, I am leaving one of the two Windo-Therm panels up during the summer, to show prospective buyers that your product is the very best solution to maintaining the beauty of authentic steel casement windows in Tudor style homes with unobtrusive double-insulated, energy-saving interior panels that are very light-weight, precision-made and very affordable.”

Len D. Singer
Professor of Product Design
Portsmouth VA

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Historical Buildings

“I love the Advanced Energy Panels; low cost and good service. They stop the drafts. The furnace in the basement comes on less often, even in this old house.”

Carl Erickson, Historic “Pumpkin House”, Troy, NY

“Your product allowed us to renovate the existing windows and not alter the outside facade, which resolved many concerns that the local Historical Resource Commission might have had. “

Duane Nealon, Project Manager, Capital Hill Improvement Corp., Albany, NY

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Colleges and Institutions

“Sage Hall is one of the oldest buildings on campus. It was renovated recently, but with it s large windows it was extremely drafty. We installed Advanced Energy Panels here and I can tell you it’s made a remarkable difference.”

Lucille Saxby, RPI, Troy, NY

“I’ve received many compliments from faculty and staff whose offices now have Advanced Energy Panels. As you know, several buildings on our campus were built in the 1920s and 30s and have many large and beautiful (but drafty) double-hung wood windows. I think Advanced Energy Panels can improve the efficiency of those windows without detracting from their appearance.”

Masoom Ali, Director, physical plant, SUNY Cortland, NY

“We were getting numerous complaints about comfort in this building so I recommended we install these. Afterward, one of the occupants stated, ‘Advanced Energy Panels are a great find!’. It’s made the difference between night and day in terms of comfort.”

Paul Lundberg, Skidmore College, NY

“The difference in warmth is astounding! We were facing a quarter of a million dollar expenditure for new windows. With Advanced Energy Panels, we could be saving 80% of that.”
Jack Houlihan, Principal, St. Mary’s Elementary School, Waterford, NY

“These blended in nicely with the oak woodwork in this 100-year old building, and your ‘Stack & Store’ feature makes it easy to let in fresh air during mild weather. The staff is delighted.”

Rich Wolbach, Energy Manager, University of Vermont

“On behalf of the Management and Business Department, I want to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent service, professional courtesy and ultimately the warmth provided by Advanced Energy Panels.

After an entire winter of frigid working conditions (plants dying in the outside offices) and numerous calls and emails by me (we won’t go into how many), we can really notice a difference regarding the amount of cold air coming through the windows. I have had nothing but positive comments from every professor who has had these windows installed in their office.”

Carol Fowler, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

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Business and Multi-Family

“Since July of 2004, Vermont Mill Properties has purchased over $30,000 of your thermal windows for use in our old Mill. We were recently comparing our heating expense for winter 2004 with the past winter, 2005, and were pleasantly surprised to see a significant drop in cost. In fact, our $30,000 investment in windows has already saved us nearly $20,000 in propane expense!

…these window panels will surely pay for themselves in a very short time. I would recommend them to anyone who in interested in getting control of their winter heating expense.”

Jan Noyes Goodrich, Secretary
Vermont Mill Properties, Inc

“We run a large furniture retail store in a grand old brick building with single-pane glass windows. Not only were they leaky and cold, but occasionally storm debris (or rowdy kids) would break some panes on the upper floors. Now, with Advanced Energy Panels installed in those areas, we not only save heat, keep our furniture cleaner and our customers warmer, but we’ve got those extra strong film layers of yours in place to protect us during the few days it takes to repair the broken glass. It’s a great design, and we’re delighted to have it installed on our store.”

Brian Mooradian, Troy, NY

“In addition to my regular job, I own a two-family building that I rent out. It was in good shape except for the windows, which were very leaky. They didn’t fit well, the storm windows were loose, and the plexiglas replacements had cracked and turned cloudy.
I had to do something, but the quotes I got for window replacements were several times higher than yours. Now, with Advanced Energy Panels, the windows are draft free and warm to the touch. My tenants love it because of the comfort and because they are the ones paying for the heat. As one told me, ‘It is money in our pocket’. It’s good for me because the tenants take more pride in their apartments, there’s less turnover, and it’s easier to attract new tenants. I’m very satisfied with my investment.”

Paul Rosamilia, Troy, NY

“The windows are up, they are beautiful, rock solid, and air tight. My customers are very thrilled which makes me happy. The total job was about 10% of what new windows would have cost.”

Larry Harmon consulting
Crown Point, NY

“Our very large window openings (92″ x 108”) were a major contributor to a cold and uncomfortable work environment. After Advanced Energy Panel units were installed, we noticed a dramatic improvement in comfort.

We really like the way you have built these large windows in several sections for easier handling. The units are lightweight and on mild days we can easily remove a section or two let in fresh air.

The flexibility of your design allowed for matching the mullion spacing of the existing windows. We are quite pleased with the appearance of the Advanced Energy Panel windows. “

Francis Wyatt, Optimal Energy Inc., Bristol, VT

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