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Measure/Install – Step 1 – Choose Mounting Style

STEP 1: Choose Mounting Style

imgmounting-c1r1Our clear insulation panels mount on the INDOOR side of your existing windows.

There are three ways to do this:

  • Front Surface mount
  • Recessed inside the jambs
  • Compression/friction fit

The Choice Is Yours

Choose whichever mounting method is best for your windows. You may choose to mount some windows with one method and some with the other. We’ve shown double-hung windows here, but the same principles apply to casements, sliders, tilting, and picture windows. Blinds or curtains may need to be relocated slightly for clearance.

Once you’ve chosen a mounting method, proceed to step two (measuring) page to see how to calculate the sizes you’ll need.

OPTION #1: Front Surface

  • Mounts to front surface of the trim molding surrounding your window.
  • Is LARGER than the window opening, usually by 1 3/8″ on each edge (2 3/4″ overall).
  • Requires at least 1 3/8″ on the trim molding along the sides and top of your window.
  • If you have a protruding window sill, the bottom of the Advanced Energy Panel will rest on that.
  • Held in place with twist clips.

Example of Advanced Energy Panel with FRONT SURFACE mount

(the panel is LARGER than the window opening)

Thumb Twist Levers

Six twist clips (on average) hold the panel tightly against the front molding. (Note that you have a choice of brown or white panel frames and clips.)

OPTION #2: Recessed against window stops

  • Mounts recessed inside the window opening and against window stops which are attached to the sides (jambs) of the window frame.
  • The panel must be made ¼” narrower and shorter than the actual window opening.
  • Requires at least a 1-1/8″ depth of recess from the front surface of the jamb to the window stop to apply the panel and holding clips.
  • The bottom of the Advanced Energy Panel rests on the sill.
  • Held in place with jamb clips.

Example of Advanced Energy Panel with RECESSED mount

(the panel is SMALLER than the window opening)


If you choose the recessed style of mounting, you will need window stops. These may already exist; they are usually next to the moving sashes, along the sides and top of your windows.  Advanced Energy Panels rests against the stops.  You may need to add window stops and they should be tightly sealed with caulk.

Here’s a close-up view in the lower right hand corner of a window. The stop is a piece of wood, usually about ½” thick.

The stop keeps the moving window sash in place and serves as a solid object against which to put the Advanced Energy Panel if you choose the RECESSED style of mounting.
In the photo, the top of a white Advanced Energy Panel is being positioned against the window stop. Jamb clips will hold it flat against the stop when in place.


Jamb Clips

Six jamb clips (on average) are screwed to the side jambs; they hold the panel securely against the window stops. (Note that you have a choice of brown or white panel frames and clips.)

OPTION #3: Recessed with a Compression/friction fit

Note 1; Friction/compression fit means putting the weather strip around the outer edge of the panels rather than on the back. Using the friction fit method you order panels 5/8″ narrower and shorter than the actual opening size. The weatherstrip holds the panel in place usually requiring no screws or clips.


When you have chosen your mounting method for each panel, proceed to step 2.

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