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What is an Advanced Energy Panel?

Interior window insulating panels that can be installed in any building – office, home or industrial

Our window insulation panels are the most practical, durable, affordable and cost effective option available for improving the energy efficiency and comfort of your existing windows – both in summer / warmer climates, or in winter. They are quick and easy to install and remove and can be reused indefinitely year after year.

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Why Glazing Film as window insulation?

Most people don’t realize that our glazing material isn’t glass until they touch it. Surprised, their first question is always, “Is that strong enough?” Yes! We even successfully tested it at a batting cage, subjecting it to the force of 60 mph baseballs. And for further fun, we dropped a bowling ball on it from 6 feet up.  Try that with glass and someone will get upset pretty quickly.

Advanced Energy Panels as window insulation are:

  • Stronger than replacement windows.
  • Lighter than replacement windows.
  • Safer than replacement windows.
  • A better insulator than single pane and most double pane replacement windows.  Third party engineering tests indicate a U Factor of .31 – and according to The Home Energy Guide better than double glazed windows
  • Easier to repair – and less expensive to repair – than replacement windows.
  • Significantly reduce noise from the outside (up to 70% sound reduction).
  • Much less expensive than replacement windows.
  • Perfect for historic buildings, churches, older homes, and government buildings.

What else will it do for me?

As if you need another reason to save lots of money! Actually, the weather strip and dual glazing films keep the warm, moist air that is inside your room from reaching the cold outer glass. This creates a vapor barrier which stops condensation, the leading cause of peeling paint, rotting woodwork, and mold.

Sounds Great. Now How Do I Order Advanced Energy Panels?

You don’t have to be very handy to order and install Advanced Energy Panels. In fact, if you can use a tape measure, a screwdriver, and a phone, you’re qualified!

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