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Interior storm windows for homeowners


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    Old Windows

    If you have older windows, especially those with only a single thickness of glass… you are losing lots of heat through the glass. On a 0F day, the inside of the glass is only 17F, causing extreme cold, condensation, water damage, mold and serious health concerns.

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    Aluminum Storm Windows

    If you have aluminum “storm windows”, such as these common triple track units… you know they leak like a sieve. Their tracks are loose, their weather seals are nonexistent or long gone, and the “weep holes” at the bottom, which are designed to let water out, actually let cold air in.

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    Metal Window Frames

    If you have metal window frames… the frames conduct more cold in (and more heat out) of your building than is going through the glass. Just touch the bare metal to see for yourself.

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    Temporary Quilts or Plastic

    If you’ve tried window quilts or sticking up temporary sheets of plastic… you realize that although quilts are attractive, you can’t see through them. And the sheets of plastic don’t work well, are messy, spoil your view, ruin your woodwork, and simply don’t keep you warm.

Save Money, Go Green and Be Comfortable with Advanced Energy Panels. DON’T REPLACE your old, drafty windows, INSULATE THEM.

Keep your old wooden windows. They are sturdier and, with proper maintenance, will last much longer than the light duty or vinyl plastic construction used today. Advanced Energy Panel interior window insulating panels will bring your old windows up to Energy Star® efficiency levels for a small fraction of the cost of replacement windows.

  • Reduce the heat lost through your window by as much as 55-70% depending upon the window’s glazing, construction, and condition.
  • Elimination of the condensation and the resulting poor visibility, wood rot, and mold damage caused by condensation.
  • Comfortable warmth in winter and improved air conditioning performance in summer.
  • Added quiet
  • Easy handling and minimal maintenance
  • A 10-year warranty; click or ask us for details.

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