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historic building noise reduction through window inserts

Testimonial: Historic Building Noise Reduction

Historic society loves historic building noise reduction through window insulation panels.  And oh yeah, the 50-75% reduction in heat loss was cool, too.


Dear Advanced Energy Panels:

The Rushford Historical Society has been installing AEP insulating windows in a 170 year old building, originally built as church.  Seven windows were installed in a basement dining area.  Immediately we could see a significant difference in the warmth in the area.  We feel that we will cut heat loss in this area by at least 50 – 75%.  An added bonus we hadn’t count on was the acoustics in the area were much improved.  Previous to the insulating windows going in conversation was strained, now it’s very pleasant for conversation.

In the main area of the building the windows measure 51 in X 89 in high.  As the windows were being installed the area warmed and again the acoustics were vastly improved.  Again we feel confident we will see at least a 50% saving in heat in the main area.

We would be willing to talk to anyone that may have questions about your product and in fact more than willing to have them come and take a look.

Feel free to share this letter with others.

John A. Jessop
President, Rushford Historical Society
(585) 437-2340

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