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Q: I’ve been shopping for REPLACEMENT WINDOWS. The salesman showed me some very convincing facts and demonstrations. How can the Advanced Energy Panel technology possibly be equal to that?

A: There’s nothing wrong with considering replacement windows, and in many circumstances like broken glass or faulty existing windows, they are a good solution. However, since you’ve been shopping, you know that the cost of replacement windows can really add up, especially as you add options like triple paned glass and special ‘insulating’ gases.  And what they don’t tell you?   Check out the real truth about glass in replacement windows.

Advanced Energy Panels offer the same instant comfort and energy savings by adding two extra layers of glazing to your existing windows. It also adds two pockets of trapped air. Trapped air is a great insulator. Each glazing layer stops a certain amount of cold air. And with our overall sealing of the window, we stop infiltration better than any regular replacement window. View How It Works or Engineering Tests for details.

Q: I already have STORM WINDOWS. Why would I need Advanced Energy Panels and why are they mounted on the inside instead of outside like regular storms?

A: Outside storms are only good for keeping out rain.  They are deliberately designed to leak to prevent ice build up.  Plus, the popular aluminum types waste a considerable amount of heat. By inserting Advanced Energy Panels inside a window, you place a tight vapor barrier on the inside (as it should be) which stops infiltration and condensation. Click Who Needs It or How It Works.

Q: I have an ATTRACTIVE HOUSE. Will Advanced Energy Panels be as good as vinyl replacement windows?

A: Yes. The beauty of Advanced Energy Panels is that they are virtually invisible from the outside and blend into your homes interior by matching the muntin (cross brace) spacing of your current windows. Click who needs it.

Q: I just realized that your glazing material is plastic FILM. In a few years, won’t that start looking like the cloudy stuff they use for construction poly?

A: No. Most people don’t realize our glazing material isn’t glass until they touch it. It’s a special Polyolefin film designed for clarity, long life and tensile strength. It is very different from conventional films. It also has no Off Gas issues to be concerned about. This film will last for years and if ever pierced can be cheaply replaced in just minutes. Click How It Works, Engineering Tests, or About Us.

Q: I have NON-STANDARD window sizes. Will Advanced Energy Panels fit?

A: Yes. Each Advanced Energy Panel is custom cut to fit your exact window. We can’t handle curves yet, but any rectangular or slightly crooked frame is no problem. See Mounting Details.

Q: Will Advanced Energy Panels fit CASEMENT, SLIDERS, TILT and other types of windows?

A: There is usually a way to mount the Advanced Energy Panels so that they clear obstructions such as window cranks, handles and hinges.  See Mounting Details.

Q: I’m very concerned about the health problems of MOLD. Won’t sealing up my windows make that worse?

A: No. There is a right way and a wrong way to seal a window. Sealing the outside will cause condensation and mold, which is exactly the problem with improper exterior storms. Our Advanced Energy Panel seals the inside with a vapor barrier which keeps the warm, moist air from condensing on the cold outer glass. View How It Works.

Q: How will I know if your product lives up to its PROMISES of instant comfort and instant energy savings?

A: On the first cold day, you’ll know; just touch the Advanced Energy Panel. It will be much warmer than unprotected glass. On the first windy day, compare the air infiltration. Or just click on Engineering Tests or Satisfied Customers.

Q: What should I do if the Advanced Energy Panel film ever gets DIRTY or damaged?

A: Clean the film with any regular glass cleaner and paper towel or a soft cloth. Small punctures can be mended with clear tape; for major damage, $10 of new film and 20 minutes of your time will replace it entirely. Compare that with rigid glass, acrylic or Plexiglas which must be thrown out if damaged. Click How It Works.

Q: Will Advanced Energy Panels interfere with CURTAINS, BLINDS and other coverings?

A: In most cases, Advanced Energy Panels will fit next to these without interfering.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to extend the curtain rods, etc. an extra 3/4″ into the room.

Q: Do Advanced Energy Panels save on AIR CONDITIONING costs?

A: Yes, absolutely. The ability of Advanced Energy Panels to stop drafts and insulate cold from warm works just as well in summer or in warmer climates as it does in colder climates and in winter. The U.S. Department of Energy tells us that Americans spend $11 billion a year on air conditioning costs. National Grid says that ” In a typical office building, lighting, heating, and cooling represent between 54 and 71 percent of total use depending on climate, making those systems the best targets for energy savings”.  By employing our energy-efficient window inserts, you can save thousands of dollars on heating and A/C.  Check out this testimonial from a city hall mayor:  “in our first year alone, we saved over $50,000.”  See the video testimonial on this page.

See the chart at right and click on How It Works for details.

Q: Do Advanced Energy Panels fit PORCHES?

A: Yes. Many of our customers use Advanced Energy Panels to extend the usable season. The panels mount on the inside and come off easily for summer storage.

Q: Should I STORE the Advanced Energy Panels?  How?

A: If you use air-conditioning, you can save  electricity by leaving your panels in place year round.  Or remove them in seconds (see handy attachment clips in Mounting Details).  The panels are light-weight, safe, and easy to handle.  Most people label them and place them in a box for off-season storage.

Q: Will Advanced Energy Panels help reduce NOISE from the outdoors?

A: Yes.  The way that the window inserts are designed creates a two part effect that can significantly reduce noise from the outside.  First, because they are not hard glass, sound waves bend and do not travel directly or as easily as through a typical window.  And with the doubling of the window film and the concurrent air-sealed barrier between the film and also the sound deadening foam around the panels, noise can be reduced by up to 70% over sound transferred from single paned windows.  We also have many customer comments indicating a significant reduction in noise levels. Visit Satisfied Customers.

Q: What isSTACK & STORE“?

A: It is an optional feature of the Advanced Energy Panel which offers you an easier way to let in fresh air on mild days. When windows are covered with multiple panels, one panel can be attached to the other.

Q: How do I measure my windows? I’m not that handy.

A: That’s no problem – thousands of people have been able to measure their windows. Click here to learn about how to quickly measure your windows and a handy PDF document to use while measuring. If you have any questions, you can always contact us. We’re here to help!

Q: I’m responsible for a historic building.  We want to preserve the authenticity of the original windows, but energy costs are killing us. Are Advanced Energy Panels a good solution?

A: Our historic preservation customers seem to think so!  And we understand. Replacing your historic windows with replacement windows would be a travesty, but we know from experiences that your energy costs are worse than most, and much of your budget can get sucked dry by the high cost of energy.  Up until now there have been no real inexpensive options towards ‘retrofitting’ an energy efficient solution that didn’t also mar the visual impact of your historic building.

Enter Advanced Energy Panels.  Our panels not only preserve your old windows (no need to replace them!), they are easy to install (and seconds to take out), don’t take away from the visual beauty of your historic building, don’t cost an arm and a leg, and end up saving you up to 25% on your energy bills.  Check out the historic preservation page, and a few customer testimonials.

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