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Specifications for Architects


Our panels are for application to the interior side of existing windows.

Notice To Homeowners

The following specifications are for use by architects, planners and engineers. It allows them to easily specify a class of product to be used in a job. Many of these specifications are extremely tough, but you may rest assured that Advanced Energy Panels meet them all.


    1. Glazing shall be TWO layers of 1mil, triple layer, extruded, cross-linked Polyolefin with haze of 2.7% or less, instrumented impact of 28.5 pounds or more, tensile strength of 15,200 psi or greater and a shrink factor of 13 to 22% at 200 degrees F.
    2. Frame rails, stiles, and muntins shall be extruded aluminum, 9/16″ x 1 3/8″ in exterior dimension, .060″ wall thickness, provided with glazing retention grooves on two opposite sides.
    3. Frame shall be weatherstripped on all surfaces which contact primary window frame.
    4. Metal frame shall be finished with durable white or brown paint.
    5. Corner fasteners shall be structural nylon in matching colors.
    6. Mullions shall be formed H-channels capable of sealing and securing adjacent panel sections and shall be color matched.


    1. Panel shall be added as a supplement on the interior side of an existing exterior window.
    2. Panel shall be custom built to match exact fit with existing window.
    3. Mounting options shall include a choice of front surface mount or recessed inside the jambs.
    4. Panels shall be easy to remove and replace, needing only a screwdriver or no tools, depending on configuration.
    5. Panels may optionally have provision for self-storing of sub-panels in place upon each other, and for creating modular coverage of very large (ten feet by ten feet or larger) window areas.
    6. Panel shall be built with two essentially clear and airtight glazing surfaces, plus a perimeter draft stop of compressible weatherstrip material.


    1. Panel shall provide immediate comfort and energy savings.
    2. Panel shall virtually stop drafts and air infiltration.
    3. Tested insulation value shall outperform Energy Star northern zone criteria panel in combination with existing windows shall have a tested U-factor of .31 or less.
    4. Panel shall have a minimal visual effect upon the exterior architecture, and minimal and totally reversible effect on interior architecture.
    5. Panel shall reduce condensation and noise.
    6. Glazing material shall have high clarity.
    7. Glazing material shall have the ability to withstand the impact of a 50mph regulation baseball without breaking.
    8. Fire and smoke hazards shall be minimal: glazing material shall have a self ignition temperature, per ASTM-D-1929 of no less than 660F; an average time of burn of 5 seconds or less and average extent of burn of 1.4″ or less, per ASTM-D-635; and a smoke density, per ASTM-D-2843 of less than 37%.

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