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ARC partners with AEP in the New York City Metro Area within sustainable energy projects

October, 2015:   Advanced Energy Panels is pleased to announce a partnership with New York City based ARC: Alternative + Renewable Construction, as their partner in the New York City metro area to recommend, distribute and install window insulation panels from Advanced Energy Panels.

Advanced Energy Panels partners with ARC Alternative + Renewable COnstructionARC co-founders bring the expertise needed to assure success in the sustainable construction marketplace, with significant combined experience in engineering and construction, finance, risk and loss management. The mission of ARC is to be the expert developer of buildings and other infrastructure projects that minimize environmental impact and maximize conservation value, as defined by net-zero benchmarks for energy, water and other natural and shared resources. ARC’s mission includes implementing conservation-based projects, achieving affordability through economies of scale, organization and simplicity, and providing frameworks, baselines and metrics for successful sustainable and restorative development.

“The New York City metro area has an incredible need for energy conservation and sustainability in buildings”, says Advanced Energy Panels CEO Jim Devine.  “Energy costs are through the roof, and historic preservationists and commercial building developers are looking for ways to save the environment while also saving money.  The potential savings for municipalities and large buildings is astronomical.  ARC Alternative + Renewable Construction is an amazing company.  What our window insulation panels do for energy savings is right in line with their mission to provide high quality, low impact and sustainable construction.   We’re glad to have them onboard in supplying Advanced Energy Panels to their clients”.

Lonnie Coplen, ARC’s Director of Sustainable Construction Programs, adds “We are excited about the opportunity to represent AEP and to promote their window insulating panels in the New York City area. AEP fits right in with our goals of affordability and minimizing the environmental impact of buildings. We were convinced early on by the proven efficiency of AEP’s window insulating panels: we have used them ourselves for years. We’ve seen AEP make typical windows act like triple-glazed windows, bolstering one of the weakest links in a building’s envelope. We are extremely impressed with the significant potential for savings, not just in energy, but in materials and labor compared to replacement windows – especially in historic buildings. In short, AEP solution offers tremendous value to building owners.

You can read more about what ARC: Alternative + Renewable Construction does here on their website.

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