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About Us


Our Vision

  • Build the best product we can for comfort and energy savings.
  • Give our customers the best possible service and satisfaction.
  • Be a strong, fair business partner to our suppliers and associates.
  • Provide our employees with a safe, fulfilling work environment.
  • Generate a fair profit for the company.

Some people may question, “Why is profit last?” Our answer: because we believe profit and prosperity will come if we do everything else with excellence.


Our Product

We make the Advanced Energy Panels window insulation system to custom fit any size and shape of window. Click on Who Needs it? Several options and colors are available.

Our People

Just like you, we like to save energy and be comfortable in our homes. We know a lot about windows, warmth, and of course, Advanced Energy Panels. When you call, we’ll be glad to listen to your questions, help you with solutions, and recommend what is best for you.

Our History

The Advanced Energy Panels window insulation system was invented in 1996 by one of our founders, who was tired of living in a drafty old house. Now we have patents in four countries and customers from Newfoundland to New Mexico.

Our Location

Advanced Energy Panels serves the nation directly from its headquarters in rural upstate New York.

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